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Gamma Omicron - British Columbia
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Shipping Address
Beta Theta Pi Fraternity
2140 Wesbrook Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T1W6
Chapter Status : Good Standing
Collegiate Members : 41
Collegiate Pledges : 0
Living Alumni : 1,787
Lifetime Members : 2,061
Advisors : 7
House Corp Volunteers : 17
Chapter GPA : 3.4300
FY Giving : $1,911.41
Standard Chapter Operating Expectations
Greek Name : Gamma Omicron
University : University of British Columbia
District : 31
Status : Good Standing
Last Change : -
Founding Date : 10/23/1936
Chapter ID : 100211
Short Name : British Columbia
Region : NW
Motto : Neighbors of pilots
Chapter Website : https://www.ubcbeta.com/
Twitter : -
Facebook : -
School Founded : 1908
Enrollment : 44565
Campus Type : Public
Terms Type : Semester
% Greek : 0
# of Fraternities : 9
# of Sororities : 8
Avg Chapter Size : 59
School Website : https://you.ubc.ca/ubc/index.jsp
Greek Life Website : http://ubcfrats.ca/
School Year Term GPA AFA AMA ACA Pledges / IFC Rank
2022-23 Spring 3.43 0 0 0 3.31 / 0 0/0
2022-23 Winter 3.45 0 0 0 3.55 / 0 0/0
2021-22 Spring 3.37 0 0 0 3.51 / 0 0/0
2021-22 Winter 3.41 0 0 0 3.53 / 0 0/0
2021-22 Fall 3.41 0 0 0 3.53 / 0 0/0
2019-20 Fall 3.33 0 0 2.75 3.35 / 0 0/0
AFA = All Fraternities Average
AMA = All Men's Average
ACA = All Campus Average
Pledges/IFC = Pledge Class GPA/IFC Pledge Class Avg
Title Name
Chapter President Brendan A. Cooper
Vice President of Finance Bradley J. Hintz
Vice President of Administration Christian R. Nathan
Vice President of Recruitment Riely G. O'Sullivan
Alumni Relations Chairman Carson H. Miller
Vice President of Brotherhood Riely G. O'Sullivan
House Manager Justin B. Esford
Vice President of Education Christophe P. Charbonneau
Service & Philanthropy Chairman Divit Daga
Service & Philanthropy Chairman Afif M. Varikkodan
Marketing Chairman Eshaan -. Malhotra
Vice President of Programming Lynton K. Nick
Ritual Chairman Alexander B. Evans
Vice President of Programming Ribhav Singh
Social Chairman Kavin Bhatia
Vice President of Risk Management Darius P. Ventouras
Title Name
Alumni Association Key Contact Nicholas J. Seddon, DDS
Alumni Association Board Member Aaron C. Andersen
Alumni Association Board Member Steven M. Toth
Alumni Association Treasurer Evan L. Horie
Alumni Association President Nicholas J. Seddon, DDS
Alumni Association Vice President Jon F. Klaus
Alumni Association Secretary Michael A. Scott
Title Name
Chapter Counselor Carl Tingley
Financial Advisor Colm R. Lyons
Risk Management Advisor Laurence Y. Chan
Member Education Advisor Aidan J. Lunny
Recruitment Advisor Adan Moallemi
Advisor Team Member Brien R. Murphy
Brotherhood Advisor Thomas A. Redl
University Greek Professional < vacant >
House Corp President Nicholas J. Seddon, DDS
House Corp Vice President < vacant >
House Corp Secretary Robert I. McLean
House Corp Treasurer David F. Milligan
House Corp Board Member Walter B. MacDonald
House Corp Board Member Robert W. Kyle
House Corp Board Member Steven N. Merritt
House Corp Board Member Michael M. Chiu
House Corp Board Member Eric M. Baskette
House Corp Board Member Aaron C. Andersen
House Corp Board Member John W. Hibbard
House Corp Board Member Evan L. Horie
House Corp Board Member Nicholas W. Sywulych
House Corp Board Member David A. Downie
House Corp Board Member Fabian S. Leitner
House Corp Board Member David M. Colleran
House Corp Board Member David P. O'Mahony
House Corp Board Member Fraser H. Ridge
Title Name
Regional Chief J. Nicholas Gilson
District Chief Michael A. Schultz
Assistant District Chief Theodore P. Gillette
Director of Chapter Services Jacob D. Tidwell
Chapter Development Consultant Jacob D. Tidwell