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Beta Nu - Cincinnati
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Shipping Address
Beta Theta Pi Fraternity
2551 University Ct,Davis Hagler
Cincinnati, OH 45219
United States
Chapter Status : Good Standing
Collegiate Members : 115
Collegiate Pledges : 0
Living Alumni : 1,535
Lifetime Members : 2,564
Advisors : 6
House Corp Volunteers : 20
Chapter GPA : 3.3640
FY Giving : $1,522,024.00
Standard Chapter Operating Expectations
Greek Name : Beta Nu
University : University of Cincinnati
District : 10
Status : Good Standing
Last Change : 07/26/2021
Founding Date : 04/08/1840
Chapter ID : 100102
Short Name : Cincinnati
Region : EG
Motto : The new branch
Chapter Website : http://uc.beta.org
Twitter : -
Facebook : -
School Founded : 1819
Enrollment : 44251
Campus Type : Public
Terms Type : Semester
% Greek : 15
# of Fraternities : 22
# of Sororities : 10
Avg Chapter Size : 85
School Website : http://www.uc.edu/
Greek Life Website : https://www.uc.edu/greeklife.html
School Year Term GPA AFA AMA ACA Pledges / IFC Rank
2022-23 Spring 3.435 3.211 3.272 3.351 3.1 / 2.8 2/24
2022-23 Fall 3.24 3.18 3.2 3.3 3.045 / 0 8/24
2021-22 Spring 3.462 3.305 3.342 3.365 3.306 / 3.298 2/22
2021-22 Fall 3.422 3.410 3.338 3.413 2.989 / 0 0/0
AFA = All Fraternities Average
AMA = All Men's Average
ACA = All Campus Average
Pledges/IFC = Pledge Class GPA/IFC Pledge Class Avg
Title Name
Chapter President Davison R. Hagler
Vice President of Finance Matthew M. Hurlburt
Vice President of Administration Kiet V. Ho
Vice President of Recruitment Tanner S. Schmidt
Vice President of Brotherhood Leo F. Freudenschuss
House Manager Sebastian R. Losacker - Arenas
Vice President of Education Matthew R. Parfett
Vice President of Programming Cannon M. Shafer
Social Chairman Baracah Z. Gimei
Ritual Chairman Alexander R. Jones
Vice President of Risk Management Jamie G. Porter
Scholarship Chairman Gus J. Pitstick
Title Name
Alumni Association Key Contact Monte M. Chesko, Jr.
Alumni Association Board Member Michael A. Rodmaker
Title Name
Chapter Counselor Andrew S. Naab
Financial Advisor < vacant >
Risk Management Advisor Andrew C. Casper
Member Education Advisor Timothy F. Naab
Recruitment Advisor B. Gammon Fain
Faculty Advisor Richard E. Friedman
Programming Advisor Don T. Hutchinson
University Greek Professional Kathryn Butler
House Corp President William R. Gerth
House Corp Vice President Drew E. McKenzie
House Corp Secretary William H. Worthington
House Corp Treasurer Steven R. King
House Corp Inspection Contact Charles M. Wilson
House Corp Board Member Elroy E. Bourgraf
House Corp Board Member Steven A. Wilson
House Corp Board Member Charles M. Wilson
House Corp Board Member Michael A. Paul
House Corp Board Member Scott E. Douglass
House Corp Board Member Richard E. Friedman
House Corp Board Member Todd S. Neumann
House Corp Board Member Lawrence E. Mueller
House Corp Board Member Scott A. Oyler
House Corp Board Member Drew E. McKenzie
House Corp Board Member Christopher P. Nicak
House Corp Board Member Justin T. Behymer
House Corp Board Member Tom S. Coulter, IV
House Corp Board Member Andrew B. Douglass
Title Name
Regional Chief Michael Lavina
District Chief Don T. Hutchinson
Assistant District Chief < vacant >
Director of Chapter Services Jacob D. Tidwell
Chapter Development Consultant Remy P. McClain