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Alpha - Miami
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Shipping Address
Beta Theta Pi Fraternity
200 E High St
Oxford, OH 45056-1803
United States
Chapter Status : Good Standing
Collegiate Members : 79
Collegiate Pledges : 0
Living Alumni : 1,761
Lifetime Members : 2,880
Advisors : 11
House Corp Volunteers : 21
Chapter GPA : 3.7100
FY Giving : $212,639.20
Standard Chapter Operating Expectations
Greek Name : Alpha
University : Miami University
District : 10
Status : Good Standing
Last Change : 10/31/2019
Founding Date : 08/08/1839
Chapter ID : 100101
Short Name : Miami
Region : EG
Motto : Lasting for an age
Chapter Website : http://miamioh.beta.org
Twitter : -
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/AlphaBTP/
School Founded : 1809
Enrollment : 17147
Campus Type : Public
Terms Type : Semester
% Greek : 30
# of Fraternities : 23
# of Sororities : 18
Avg Chapter Size : 80
School Website : http://miamioh.edu/
Greek Life Website : http://miamioh.edu/student-life/fraternity-sorority-life/
School Year Term GPA AFA AMA ACA Pledges / IFC Rank
2019-20 Spring 3.71 3.59 3.47 3.69 3.78 / 0 2/27
2019-20 Fall 3.26 3.12 3.05 3.22 3.31 / 3.15 5/26
2018-19 Spring 3.30 3.18 3.05 3.21 3.33 / 0 5/24
2018-19 Fall 3.30 3.17 3.03 3.19 3.36 / 3.16 7/24
2017-18 Spring 3.20 3.07 3.00 3.18 3.21 / 0 5/24
2017-18 Fall 3.21 3.11 3.00 3.18 0 / 0 6/24
AFA = All Fraternities Average
AMA = All Men's Average
ACA = All Campus Average
Pledges/IFC = Pledge Class GPA/IFC Pledge Class Avg
Title Name
Chapter President Alexander P. Orr
Chapter President James M. Flynn, III
Vice President of Finance Andrew Gregory Wachter
Vice President of Finance Robert A. Steindl
Vice President of Administration Everett Z. Bueter
Vice President of Administration Dunovan J. Rodgers
Vice President of Recruitment Hayden G. Hoogerhyde
Vice President of Brotherhood Caleb R. Schlenker
House Manager Zachary D. Williams
House Manager Ian J. Doucet
Vice President of Education Jeremiah C. Grimm
Vice President of Education Shane M. Swartzentruber
Vice President of Programming Kyle H. Novak
Vice President of Programming Sam D. Groth
Vice President of Risk Management William C. Ceccoli
Vice President Christopher J. Dudenhoefer
Vice President of Risk Management Trevor J. Weickert
Title Name
Alumni Relations Committee Chair < vacant >
Title Name
Chapter Counselor Eric Buller
Financial Advisor Benjamin A. Willingham
Risk Management Advisor Steven F. Profitt
Member Education Advisor Nathan Bettenhausen
Recruitment Advisor Ian Mansfield
Faculty Advisor Eric Buller
Advisor Team Member Vaden W. Fitton
Advisor Team Member Mark Pontious
Advisor Team Member Joseph A. Wuest, IV
Advisor Team Member Gail Behrens
Advisor Team Member Alexis Hill
University Greek Professional Ryan C. Kwapniowski
University Greek Professional Dasha Harris
House Corp President Jeffrey N. Newton
House Corp Vice President Gary A. Riddle
House Corp Vice President T. Calloway Robertson III
House Corp Secretary Jonathan J. Brant
House Corp Treasurer Karen Baker
House Corp Treasurer James H. Colley
House Corp Inspection Contact Gary A. Riddle
House Corp Board Member James C. Deuser
House Corp Board Member John R. Deyo
House Corp Board Member J. William Haywood
House Corp Board Member Thomas A. Pierce
House Corp Board Member Douglas S. Wagner, MD
House Corp Board Member James H. Colley
House Corp Board Member Mark E. Flanigan
House Corp Board Member Robert J. Gillespie
House Corp Board Member David P. Myers
House Corp Board Member Vaden W. Fitton
House Corp Board Member Benjamin A. Willingham
House Corp Board Member John E. Czyzycki
House Corp Board Member Zachary T. Haines
Title Name
Regional Chief Thomas Raimondi
District Chief Michael Lavina
Assistant District Chief < vacant >
Chapter Operations Specialist Ryan B. Eilts